Explore With Us

Every semester, E-Club members travel to a progressive city to explore its startup environment, attend entrepreneurship events, and have fun as a community!


Tour Startups and Innovation Hubs

There's no better way to gain insight into the culture of startups and innovative companies than by touring their headquarters. E-Club Trek participants ask executives questions and see how employees interact behind-the-scenes.


Attend Exclusive Events

Cheer on Virginia Tech, help decide which companies get funding, and get inspired at exclusive entrepreneurship events such as the ACC InVenture Prize.



Meet Inspirational Speakers

Network with successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and business professionals in a small-group environment unlike any other.

lifelong friends.png

Make Lifelong Friends

Depart as aquaintances and return as best friends. Community is truly formed on E-Club Treks.

How to Attend

We receive more Trek applicants than we can take on each trip, so check out these guidelines to secure your spot!

  • Be an E-Club member. You can join E-Club at any time throughout the semester.
  • Attend E-Club events. The more active you are, the more likely you are to be accepted into the Trek. Showing up to events, getting involved with projects, and being on our leadership team (including the Trek planning Committee) all help!
  • Attend an information session. You can expect to find out details about where we're going, when we'll be there, a rough idea of what we're doing, and how to apply.
  • Apply and interview. Information session attendees will be sent a form to apply and, once submitted, will be contacted by our Director of Treks to schedule a casual interview. Don't worry—we just want to meet you before the trip and learn why you're interested!
  • Pay a small deposit. Once you've been accepted, you will need to pay a deposit to secure your spot. The amount of the deposit varies per Trek, and was only $35 for Spring 2018. Lodging and transportation is covered by us.

Where are you going next?

It's up to you! Our leadership team is entirely student-run, which allows us to take considerable input from our members and also look at events in certain cities that match well with semester schedules.

When is your next Trek?

We organize a national Trek every semester, and occasionally host much smaller local half-day Treks within the Blacksburg-Roanoke area. Subscribe to our email newsletter via the homepage to stay up to date.

What about school?

You might miss a day or two of classes, but we promise you'll learn way more on the Trek than you would otherwise in class. Excuse letters from the director of an official university center will be available for attendees to distribute to professors. Participants are responsible for organizing appropriate arrangements to make up work on their own time.

This was hands-down one of the best experiences I’ve had at Virginia Tech so far. I had an absolutely amazing few days.
— Filip B., Atlanta Trek Attendee | Spring 2018