The Starter Series:

We want you to develop the mindset and skills necessary to start something of your own.  The Starter Series is a semester long curriculum where faculty, entrepreneurs, and experts  get you on the path to learning the necessities.  By participating in the program, you will join a community of other students actively working on projects.  Here's what you'll experience as part of the Starter Series:


Coming up with an idea

The program starts with a large ideation workshop.  The focus will not only be finding problems in our daily lives, but also problems in industries we're not familiar with.  Learn how to expand your creative mindset or build onto ideas you already have.


Finding a real problem

Over the next week, we ask you to explore several of your ideas by talking to potential customers, and narrow down your ideas to a single problem you think is worth solving.  We'll show you tricks on how to find a customer's must-solve problems.


Thinking of a meaningful solution

Every problem needs a solution.  Continue talking to potential customers to see where their pain points really are.  Start thinking of what solutions could solve their problem.  We'll teach you some cool tactics to extract information from customers.


Being part of a team 

Everybody in the program has an idea or two.  Let's get the best ideas and form strong teams around them. If you already have a team, that's great too!


Developing your MVP

Once you find the problem you want to tackle and ideate a solution, it's your team vs. the world.  We'll give you a bunch of tools that you can use to iterate on, test, and build your idea.  By the end, you will have minimal viable product proving to everyone that your idea is valuable.


Demoing your baby

Celebrate what you've built and what you've learned!  We'll have a bunch of judges from all across the community to connect you to next steps in growing your idea.

Some specifics:

  • It's important that you attend all Series meetings, and we ask you to interview customers, build mockups, sketch designs all outside of the meeting.  This is a commitment, but is extremely beneficial.
  • We also encourage students to start the programs as individuals and not teams.  We want you to learn a few things on your before you jump straight into forming a team.
  • This program starts on September 19th 2017, register below, and join our newsletter to stay up-to-date

The Schedule

Sep 19

Sep 26

Oct 3

Oct 10

Oct 17

Oct 24

Oct 30

Nov 7









Problem Ideation

Problem Validation

Problem Validation 2

Pitching Your Problem

Solution Ideation

Brainstorm MVP

Test MVP

End of Semester Pitches


Contact: If you have any questions, email  We'd love grab lunch with you and learn how we can help you start.

- Alex S., E-Club President