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Glenn Feit, President

Glenn is a senior studying Management with a concentration in entrepreneurship. Glenn has over 8 years of experience leading organizations in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors and has served in diverse roles across five different industries. He has previously launched two successful technology-oriented startups and currently serves as co-founder and director of an award-winning biotechnology startup.


Rachel Crutchfield, Director of Finance

Rachel is a junior studying Finance with a diverse project management background. As director of finance, Rachel oversees E-Club's entire operational budget and works with other directors to ensure that all initiatives are carried out on-budget and on-time.

Rachel Albrecht, Vice President

Rachel is a junior studying Marketing and BIT. She previously founded a 3D printing company which produced and sold over 100 different products. At E-Club, Rachel oversees all aspects of ensuring the successful execution of Treks, develops partnerships through business development, and contributes to the marketing team.


Ivan Lewis, Director of Built With

Ivan is a sophomore studying BIT with a concentration in decision support systems. At E-Club, Ivan leads a team of five other students to plan and execute our largest event, Built With, which brings in over 150 different students across all seven colleges and 45+ majors.

Patrick St. Pierre, Director of Projects

Patrick is a senior studying Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Technology.

Paul Pekala, Operations Coordinator

Paul is a junior studying BIT. He coordinates E-Club programming, ranging from monthly E-Chats open to the public to E-Consulting with local companies.

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Filip Boshkovski, Project Coordinator

Filip is a junior studying Mechanical Engineering. He coordinates E-Club podcast, a project bringing together local Blacksburg-based entrepreneurs and entrepreneur alumni with the greater Virginia Tech entrepreneurial community.


Dana Gilroy, Built With Coordinator


Maedini Jayaprakash, Built With Coordinator