Entrepreneur Club

The club for creative and innovative students at Virginia Tech who believe they can change the world.


About Us

The Entrepreneur Club at Virginia Tech brings together the most creative and action-orientated students to build world changing ideas.

Our initiatives include, successful speakers, workshops, hack nights, and social events with other student entrepreneurs. Reborn four years ago, the club has seen massive growth starting from a small room of visionaries to now holding regular events of over 100 students and community members.

Virginia Tech has had a long history of producing great startups: Modea, Webmail.us (acquired by Rackspace in 2007), Koofers.com, SkillCapped, MailPilot, Heyo, VirtualU, CardIsle, Follow My Vote, and LawnStarter to name a few. Our goal is simple: to make this list longer.

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