Entrepreneur Club

An organization for doers and dreamers.


About Us

The Entrepreneur Club at Virginia Tech brings together the most creative and action-orientated students to build world changing ideas.  

Our purpose is simple: we create a community of individuals who are comfortable and confident in starting projects and building ideas. 

We provide connections, knowledge, and inspiration for students to get started. Connections to other like minded-students, plus local and visiting entrepreneurs.  Knowledge about entrepreneurship and business principles.  Inspiration and encouragement that it can be done! 

Our initiatives include successful speakers, workshops, co-working events, pitch competitions, and social events with other student entrepreneurs.  

Virginia Tech has had a long history of producing great startups: Modea, Webmail.us (acquired by Rackspace in 2007), TORC RoboticsTaaluma Totes (seen on Shark Tank), Koofers, SkillCapped, Mindsense, Heyo, VirtualU, CardIsle, Follow My VoteLawnStarterBigScreen, and Vàs to name a few.  We want this list to be longer.

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