Entrepreneur Club at Virginia Tech has many different events on a regular basis.  We have weekly workshops & speakers, weekly lunches @ D2, Built with:_____ twice a semester, as well as other competitions and speakers.

Events are added and updated throughout each semester. The best way to keep up to date with all events is to subscribe to event notifications on Facebook.  Every event we have, there will be a Facebook event. But you can also check out the list of events below.

Fall 2016 events

Kick Off the Year | Facebook Event
September 15, 2016 | Pritchard Hall Courtyard | 6pm
Entrepreneur Club is excited and ready to get this year started! Before we delve into our event packed semester, come join us for our kick off event. This is the perfect opportunity to hangout and network with students, entrepreneurs, and other creators and doers in the community. Share about your entrepreneurship interests and discover the interests of others. You won't want to miss this! 
Virginia Velocity Tour  |  About the Tour | Facebook Event
September 19, 2016 | Moss Arts Center | 6pm  
An event hosted by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, the Virginia Velocity Tour aims to shine a light on the entrepreneurs shaping Virginia's 21st century economy. Six teams from across Virginia will be participating in pitch competitions for a chance to win $25,000. As a group, we will be meeting in the lobby of the Moss Arts Center at 5:50pm to watch the unfolding of this event. This is a great way to become familiar on how pitch competitions work, what things teams do well and what they need to improve on. 
COO Michael Ellison: CodePath | Facebook Event
September 22, 2016 NCB 210 7pm
Hackers @ VT are hosting Silicon Valley Entrepreneur, Michael Ellison, who is the COO of CodePath to come out and talk about his endeavors with us. CodePath is an organization that provides free, accelerated mobile engineering classes for professional developers and designers. Along with talking about his entrepreneurial and Silicon Valley experiences, Michael Ellison will also talk about CodePath University and how he plans to bring it to our campus. Come out to learn more. 
What's a Business Model Canvas? Facebook Event
September 27, 2016 | Torgersen Hall Room 1100 | 7pm
Learn about an entrepreneurial tool that allows you to describe, create, and pivot your business idea.
Built with:_____ 5  
October 7, 2016
To bring together students with completely different skills and majors to meet, collaborate, and start building absolutely anything!


Spring 2016 events

E-Club Members Share Their Stories of Building a Company  |  Facebook Event
February  8, 2016
Six active student companies and ventures shared their stories of building their products and answered questions about how they got to where they are today.


Uncensored: Michael Fleming of TORC Robotics  |  Facebook Event
February 22, 2016
Michael Fleming, CEO of TORC Robotics which is a Blacksburg based robotics company, will share the story of starting and bootstrapping TORC.


Uncensored: Aivey Pear, Blacksburg Restaurant Mogul  |  Facebook Event
February 29, 2016
Have you ever eaten at Next Door Bake Shop?  Cafe de Bangkok? Social House?  Aivey Pear is the Blacksburg restaurant mogul who owns and operates all three of these local favorites.  She will be sharing her story and secrets to staying alive in the cut throat restaurant business.


Taking a Company Public on the New York Stock Exchange | Facebook Event
March 21, 2016
Anthony Hardenburgh was an executive who helped take Amber Road public in March of 2014.  He will be sharing his raw and uncut story of graduating Virginia Tech, going into international business, and eventually IPOing on Wall Street.


Legal Workshop: Incorporating, Equity, IP, Patent Searches | Facebook Event
March 28, 2016
Ken Maready, a corporate & IP lawyer, will run through some basic legal considerations when starting a business.  Topics including: the process for incorporating, choosing legal structure, co-founder agreement, overview of IP, patent search, plus anything else you'd like to ask.


Q&A with Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist, Doug Dooley | Facebook Event
April 1, 2016
Doug Dooley is a partner at Venrock, which is a venture capital firm formed to build upon the successful investing activities of the Rockefeller family. Notable investments include: Intel, Apple, Nest, and Dollar Shave Club, among others.  Doug will talk for a bit at the beginning, but most of the event will be Q&A, so bring any questions you have about venture capital in Silicon Valley, what he looks for in technology companies, anything about startups, etc.


Branding and Marketing Workshop
April 4, 2016  | Torgersen Hall 1040 | 7pm
The founders of Modea and Ozmo (two local startups) will be coming in to lead a marketing and branding workshop.


3D Printing Workshop
April 11, 2016  | Torgersen Hall 1040 | 7pm
Ever wanted to 3D print something, but you had no idea where to start?  This workshop will teach you the basics of how 3D printing works, how to design something with 3D CAD software, plus where and how to get it printed for free on campus!


Built with:_____ 4 |  website
April 15, 2016
To bring together students with completely different skills and majors to meet, collaborate, and start building absolutely anything!


Accounting Basics for Startups
April 25, 2016 | Torgersen Hall 1040 | 7pm
Brown, Edwards & Company, accounting firm will be explaining the basics of accounting so an entrepreneur (of any background) can keep solid financial records.  They'll also highlight area where startups need to focus to say out of financial problems.