What is Built With?

“Built With is an event designed to bring together students of different skills and majors to build something awesome.”

Do you have an idea, but lack direction? Maybe you've dreamed up the next best-selling app but lack a developer, or envisioned a logo but need a graphic designer. Maybe you don't have a project in mind at all, but you're ready to be inspired. No matter where you are in your innovative journey, Built With's creative minds and endless resources will set you up for success.

Built With is the place to network, connect and put your ideas into action. From students to startup co-founders, attendees convene for one night of creativity, innovation and growth, providing the perfect environment for creativity to flourish.

Enjoy team challenges, sticky note networking, open mic pitch opportunities, live DJing, showcases and demos.

This time we're shaking things up and holding our event in Newman Library's 4th Floor. Studios with Arduinos, Data Visualization tools, 3D Printers, DSLRs, and more will be available throughout the night for you to explore!

Food catered, refreshments provided and Red Bull for all.

Location: Virginia Tech Library 4th Floor

Date: April 13th 2018